Radiance Yoga and Therapeutic Exercise Center is one of the leading Yoga studios in San Diego County. Located in the charming and historic community of Mission Hills, Radiance Yoga was established in 1975 and continues to be family owned and operated. We have an experienced and dedicated staff, many of whom have an extensive background in biomechanics, orthopedics, and Yoga therapy.

Leo Finegold, Founder of Radiance Yoga

Leo is the Founder of Radiance Yoga and Hatha Yoga instructor since 1973. Leo’s first experience with Hatha Yoga was an epiphany for him.  From that first experience, Hatha Yoga has been his faithful companion, a source of delight throughout these many decades.  “It has nourished my mind and body, and continues to play a significant role in my everyday existence.”
Additionally, Leo was a Professor of Life Sciences and the Russian language with the Community Colleges for over 30 years, a professional translator, author, and employed as a Russian language specialist with the State Department in the Soviet Union.  Leo is a WW2 Veteran, earned a Purple Heart, and was a POW at Stalag 3A, in Germany.  During the last 10 years, Leo shared his extensive interests and experiences with his many costumers as owner of the Mission Hills Art and Book Gallery (2002 – 2012).


Aura Finegold-Fechter, Owner & Director of Radiance Yoga

Aura Fechter is the owner and director of Radiance Yoga and Therapeutic Exercise Center and originator of Symmetry Yoga.

Aura co-founded Radiance with her father, Leo, in 1975. She then continued to deepen her knowledge of the body with an advanced education at San Diego State University. Aura is a Certified Athletic Trainer, a graduate of SDSU in Sports Medicine, a Senior Certified Symmetry Yoga Instructor, and has taught Yoga since 1974.

Aura specializes in Chronic Pain Management. Included in the initial assessment is a thorough review of one’s medical history, posture and gait analysis, daily living activities, and current exercise regime. Follow-up sessions are individually tailored and will include Yoga as a base for rehabilitation.

“I have loved Yoga since I was introduced at the age of 15. I have continued my Yoga practice throughout high school, college, the birth of my 3 children, and all the life events that have come my way. It has been an emotional, spiritual, and physical foundation to my way of life and I am eternally grateful for its presence.”

Yoga uses strength and stability for a variety of somatic and fitness techniques, including active isolated stretching, Pilates, ballet, floor barre, and yoga to use your muscles more effectively and efficiently.

Daily Private & Group Yoga Classes

Iyengar Yoga: This is a dynamic system of Hatha Yoga based on the teachings of Sr. B.K.S. Iyengar. This method promotes upper body alignment through detailed instruction and is both invigorating and challenging. Iyengar yoga benefits the body, mind, and spirit and is appropriate for all levels.

Symmetry Yoga: Symmetry is an Iyengar-inspired method of instruction. It teaches specific sequencing of asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing) designed to symmetrically develop the flexibility, strength, and agility of the entire body. This method of instruction – based on sound biomechanical principles – allows you to effectively adapt the asanas to your individual needs and levels. Symmetry is an Iyengar-inspired method of instruction.

Vinyasa: This means “breath-synchronized movement”. You will move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. It is continuous (flow-like), and the routines vary from gentle to dynamic according to the level of the class.

Stretch & Relax, Restorative: This is a beginning class appropriate for all ages and levels. You will perform gentle stretches that emphasize alignment, proper posture, mobility, strength, breathing, and deep relaxation.

Gentle: Encouragement to focus on breathing in and out slowly and deeply. Gentle yoga breathing techniques might help you reduce or manage shortness of breath. You’ll be encouraged to gently move different areas of your body through their full range of motion.

Tai Chi: Starting October 5th! Enjoy the health, happiness and longevity benefits from the ancient Chinese practice of Tai Chi, a slow, gentle moving meditation, used for centuries to improve balance, build strength, and release stress and tension.

Instructor: Kathy Diamant is certified Wu- Style Tai Chi teacher, a student of Henry Cheng, 5th Generation Honor of Master. She has taught Tai Chi and Qigong at various venues, including the YMCA since 2008.


Special Services

Therapeutic Yoga & Rehabilitation Programs

Aura Finegold Fechter, A.T.C., R.Y.T

Aura Fechter is the owner and director of Radiance Yoga and Therapeutic Exercise Center.

She’s taught yoga since 1971, is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Sports Medicine and is a Certified AthleticTrainer.

Aura brings a distinct and specialized teaching method to Radiance through the integration of biomechanical principles, functional movement awareness, and the physical and mental disciplines of yoga.

Through the integration of her background in athletic medicine, physical therapy, and yoga, Aura is comfortable and able to work with any number of orthopedic problems and neurological problems. We suggest you schedule an initial appointment, your option for follow-up treatment will be discussed.

Aura Offers Relief from Chronic Pain & Injury

Aura designs personalized rehabilitation programs combining yoga therapy, therapeutic exercise and sports medicine principles.

For anyone suffering from chronic back pain, neck pain, or muscle injury, the first thing to know about Therapeutic Yoga is that no yoga experience is required. The customized programs at Radiance Yoga start with one-on-one consultation with Aura. They include a physical assessment, an evaluation of lifestyle habits, in-studio therapeutic exercise, and follow-up exercises to do at home.

“Yoga Therapy is designed to empower patients by helping them understand the nature of their injury, what lifestyle habits and movements make it worse, and what will make it better. Most people feel some relief after the first session, but learning how to prevent pain in the future is just as important,” Aura says. She has helped thousands with her customized Therapeutic Yoga programs.

In the first consultation, Aura observes your posture, gait and basic strength and flexibility. As an expert who maintains her personal certifications and credentials, Aura will review your medical history including X-rays and MRI reports. She’ll then continue with questions about overall wellness, such as sleep patterns and workplace stress from prolonged sitting and standing.

“We look at changes you can make in your everyday life. An example I like to give is that of a 6’4″ male who folds himself into a tiny a sports car every day, and finds his lower back and neck pain is worse after prolonged driving…a more comfortable model would be a healthier switch.”

Each exercise program includes a detailed list of outlining basic stretches, postural corrections, and simple strength training moves. Yoga therapy requires a minimum of two sessions and cost less than most other types of programs. Private yoga lessons can be part of the program, and group classes are available when the patient is ready.

“Learning how to be strong, flexible and pain-free by incorporating proven biomechanical principles, yoga postures, and breathing techniques is the goal,” according to Aura.

Therapeutic Massage

Personal Training

Seminars and Workshops


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at info@radyoga.com