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Celebrate The New Year

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We would like to wish you a Glorious, Rewarding and Productive New Year. Here's to making 2018 just as rewarding! 
Teacher of the month!
Sydney Cohen

How long have you been teaching yoga? I started personal training over 11 years ago, but focused solely on yoga after my back injury and started teaching it 6 years ago.
How has yoga benefited your life? Yoga has changed my physical body- helping my degenerative disc disease. Mentally- yoga and meditation help me handle the pain and stress of the chronic pain due to my injury. 
What inspired you to become a yoga teacher? Yoga is the base for leading a life of peace and well-being. Only yoga allows limitless movement of the body, and a deeper spiritual awakening along with it. Finding yoga, made me want to teach it.
What is you FAVORITE yoga pose and why? Handstands (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) because it immediately takes away back pain for me and helps me feel strong.
What is one piece of advise you always give your students? Breathe! Don't hold your breath, and let go of fear.
What is one thing most people don't know about you? I went to Malta this past summer for Law School and met RBG- Ruth Bader Ginsberg, which was amazing! SEE PICTURE!
What do you like to do in your spare time? Sleep! I am in Law School and I work; so right now sleep, and NETFLIX sounds great! I also love to find new Gluten Free Vegetarian restaurants, swim, do yoga (obviously) and play the piano.
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Student of the Month!
Tom Sandler
What lead you to yoga?  A friend suggested I try it.
How long have you been attending yoga class at Radiance Yoga? For 36 years- started in 1981.
What do you like most about the yoga classes here at Radiance Yoga? Great teachers that have terrific knowledge.
How has Yoga changed your life? I generally feel healthier- stronger and less stressed.
What advice would you give a new student attending a yoga class for the first time? Listen to the teacher and take it easy, don't try to max out- be gentle with yourself.
What is your FAVORITE yoga pose? Why? Down-dog. It feels good to be inverted and work the whole body.
Describe an interesting fact about yourself. The wackier the better! In 1955 when I was 11 yrs old, I spent a day with Walt Disney.

Tom is the owner of The Frame Station. http://www.framestation.biz/

Healthy Posture One Step at a Time

In our previous newsletter, we started  our Healthy Posture segment with your feet.  Let's review and move up the leg to the pelvis.

    1) Place your feet parallel (center ankle to second toe).
    2) Eventually, your kneecaps will face straight ahead.
    3) When standing still, place your weight on your center/frontal heels.
    4) Gently lift your pubic bone. Be careful NOT to push your pelvis/thighs forward: keep your thighs moving back, as you raise your pubic bone. 

You may already feel taller, and experience greater support for your lower back.  Your arches will lift, the inner knees will lift and certainly, your pelvis. 


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